2021 Club Fees

The Melfort Karate Club is a non profit club. We try and keep the costs of our club to a minimum. The goal is to provide affordable martial arts to anyone. All of the instruction is done on a volunteer basis. If cost is a limiting factor please see the section below on applying for assistance.

Family Rate – Family sports can become very expensive. In order to encourage all family members to participate in our club we have set a maximum family registration fee of $300 per term or $560 a year (does not include uniform/equipment)

Kids / Beginner Family Class Full Year (6:00-7:00 pm class)

  • $240.00  One time Payment Fee  (No Gi**) OR
  • $275.00  – One time Payment and Uniform Fee (Includes Gi**)

Kids / Beginner Family Class Per Term 

  • $125.00  per term Registration
  • $35.00 Uniform  (uniform only in first term)
  • $5.00  Generic Mouth Guard
  • $10.00  Shock Doctor Mouth Guard

Adults / Advanced Juniors Full Year (7:00 -8:30 pm class)

  • $280.00  One time Payment Fee  (No Gi**) OR
  • $315.00  – One time Payment and Uniform Fee (Includes Gi**)

Adults / Advanced Juniors Per Term

  • $150.00 per term Registration
  • $35.00 Uniform
  • $10.00 Shock Doctor Mouth Guard

Just For Kicks Class (Ages 5-7)

  • $40.00 Registration (Class runs for 6 weeks)
  • $20.00 Uniform  (uniform optional)

How is my Registration Fee Used?

Your registration fee goes to three main expenses, first is a yearly $70.00 national registration fee that makes every student part of the Shintani Wado-kai Karate Federation. This national fee provides every student with a passbook, access to SWKKF tournaments, helps fund instructor workshops our national team. our  The second part of your registration fee goes to facility rental and the rest is put towards training equipment such as kicking shields, hand pads, etc.

Can I get Financial Assistance?

If you need financial assistance please talk to Sensei Jonathan Scott. If you are interested in applying for Kidsport please click here to read the instructions on how to apply or download the Kidsport application form here. Note, all Kidsport applications must be filed before karate begins. All information is kept private.

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